StarFlyer Ideas

Hello prospective companies! StarFlyer Ideas is my company where I license my product ideas. I am a classically and professionally trained product developer, designer, and inventor. I started licensing concepts in 2018, and have been in the industry for 8 years! I enjoy licensing in all categories, and work off of problems I see in the market, create inspiring & fun toys & games, and also love to work off of wishlists!

My favorite categories I like to invent in are:

Novelty & Gift, Toys & Games, Organization & Storage, Pet, Party, Beauty, Baby, Music, and Martial Arts!

If you are interested in working with me on a wishlist you have, or would like to see any of my 70 + concepts ready to be licensed, you can get ahold of me here!

Augmented Reality, 360 models, and animation:

I have created the methodology of implementing Augmented Reality and 360 Models onto a sell sheet. I am able to create Augmented Reality and 360 Models for any concept for prototyping benefit, or for promotion/marketing the product when it’s selling! You can see an example of that by going to the 5th image here.

If you are interested in implementing AR and 360 models into your company for use to show concepts to buyers, or for consumers to look at the product before buying online or in stores for your own products, please contact me here! 

Below is a list of my 6 licensed products:

Keyboard Desk

When it comes to your dorm supplies, we understand if you are looking for practical college items that will be easy to use. The small space of dorm rooms requires that your college supplies be versatile and useful which is why, at DormCo, we aim to provide you with dorm-centric products that will make college life easier! Even with access to the school library and other study areas around campus, we know that you will often find yourself studying or doing homework in the peace and quiet of your dorm room, so a dorm desk is a must have college essential! And since the best pieces of dorm furniture are compact in size.

Wombat Joey Chair Pouch

Give your dorm room chair the convenience that mommy marsupials have by adding our one of a kind Wombat Joey® Chair Pouch – Black to your essential college supplies shopping list! This unique chair pouch is made to create extra storage space on your college desk chair (of all places) for your dorm items. The material of this handy college item is stretchy, which helps it in more ways than one. This stretchy material has an elastic band around the opening, so it can easily fit over your dorm chair. Such a stretchy material is also what makes this black Wombat Joey™ Chair Pouch such a useful part of your dorm room storage. With the ability to stretch, this dorm pocket can hold a variety of college supplies, even a baby wombat or baby kangaroo…only if your college apartment allows pets though!

This college chair pouch can fit a ton of your dorm stuff, keeping it out of your way and helping to organize your dorm room. Have college textbooks or dorm notebooks you aren’t using at them moment? Stuff them in! Need a convenient space to stuff your socks and underwear? This hidden dorm chair pouch on the back of your dorm desk chair is the perfect spot! Expecting a long day/night of studying, doing homework, binge watching a TV show, or gaming? You’d be amazed at how many snacks you can shove in this black college pouch. Let this unique dorm desk chair pouch make college dorm life easier!

Trunk Pocket

A college trunk is an essential part of your dorm room to help with organizing your dorm supplies. Dorm trunks are the perfect size for extra Twin XL bedding and other college essentials, but what about your smaller dorm items? Small college items like dorm bathroom essentials, jewelry, and school supplies can fit in a college trunk, but you run the risk of them getting buried underneath everything else in that dorm trunk. Luckily, we have a solution for this college storage problem! Our black Trunk Pocket will easily add even more space inside of your must have college footlocker.

Constructed with hook and loop fasteners, this black dorm trunk pocket will easily attach to your college trunk. Once attached, this college trunk pocket is a durable dorm item that will hold your smaller college supplies. Complete with (6) compartments, this black dorm trunk accessory will add even more organization to your college storage items. The extra organization that this black dorm pocket adds to your college trunk is essential for your dorm room and at such a cheap cost, you really have to have this inexpensive college necessity in your dorm room.

Entry Organizer

With the right dorm furniture, you can increase the style of your college decor while adding to the storage space for your dorm essentials. This college furniture should be compact enough to fit in a small dorm room, yet the perfect size to maximize the space it is taking up among your other college supplies. At DormCo, we know the need for college essentials that provide additional dorm storage, which is why we offer dorm supplies that are tailored to small college dorm rooms. College items like our Yak About It® Extra Height Bedside Table – Black will provide you with that extra storage space while perfectly utilizing every inch of space it takes up.

This must have black dorm multi-purpose room organizer has five separate compartments for your dorm items. The top shelf is perfect for your keys and any other small college items you need to grab quickly. Underneath this shelf is a cubby with a closing door for hidden storage. Finally, three open bottom shelves are perfect for your shoes, textbooks, backpack, and whatever college essentials are in need of a home. This compact yet tall college entry organizer is the perfect size to help you keep your dorm room organized and your dorm supplies together! This black piece of dorm furniture is also the perfect color to easily blend in with your Twin XL bedding and college decor.

Multi Use Possum Hanger

If you’ve done your research on what it’s like to live in a college dorm room, you know that there will be limited storage space, especially in freshman residence halls. Thankfully, most freshman dorms do at least include some sort of closet or wardrobe for you to store your college clothing essentials; however, even this clothing storage space will be tiny! Taking advantage of useful dorm storage and college closet organizers like our Possum Hanger™ – Multi Use can help you make the most of your small dorm closet. This convenient closet hanging organizer has a number of versatile uses and helpful features that make it a must-have addition to your dorm packing checklist.

Other dorm closet organizer hangers may have a specialized purpose, like a jewelry organizer, a scarf and belt holder, or a hanger space-saver that allows you to stack multiple hangers on one hook. However, this college storage solution can do all of the above in one useful college dorm item! A row of 5 hooks can be used to hang jewelry, hats, masks, and more. And with rows of open grids taking up the rest of this dorm organizing hanger, how you use the rest of this storage is up to you! Loop scarves and belts through the grids, or hang tons of extra clothing on this closet space-saver hanger. Better yet, with a main hook that fully rotates 360º, you can easily access any of your closet items without worry. Maximize your closet space with this versatile storage hanger!

Shoe Holder Possum Hanger

Seeing your dorm room on move-in day for the first time can be exciting. However, you may also feel a little nervous if you did not bring enough dorm storage solutions to actually organize your dorm room setup! Underbed storage boxes and dorm small storage bins are useful for your college supplies, out of season clothing, and random dorm room essentials, but what about bulky items that don’t really fit anywhere else? What about your shoes? Shoes are a particularly difficult dorm item to store and organize, but with useful dorm closet organization products you can maximize space in your dorm room and store your shoes efficiently. That is the concept behind our Possum Hanger™ – Shoe Holder!

This cool dorm room item can hold and display up to 4 pairs of shoes, making it one of the best dorm accessories for guys or girls who want a selection of their shoes ready to go. Especially for sneakerheads or anyone with a treasured shoe collection, showing off your favorite pairs in your dorm room can actually look great with your unique dorm room decor! While you may store the rest of your shoes under your dorm bed, keeping your top four pairs of shoes out for easy access with this shoe organizer can streamline your college morning routine. And since this over the door shoe holder won’t take up any space in your small dorm, you can have even more room for the cool dorm decor you want!

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