Serial Inventors Wishlist

Are you transitioning into a Serial Inventor, and want to up your tools to become a pro? If your surroundings don’t reflect the future you want, or to be as efficient as you like, it’s about time we took them to the next level so nothing is between where you are and what you want. The following products are what I recommend you consider buying to surround yourself with inspiration! Looking for a gift for a fellow inventor or are you a family member wanting to support an inventor in your family? You can’t lose with these items to support their dreams!


I only recommend products that I own and use, and each link is an Amazon Affiliate link.

The 5 Minute Journal

My inventRight student, Jack Hu, recommended this journal to me, and it is incredibly life-changing. It helps you feel motivated at the beginning of the day, set up goals, feel grounded, and reflect at the end of the day! It’s short to fill out each day and is a great way to start the day focused!

“With over 1.7 million + journals sold worldwide, The Five Minute Journal is the original pioneer in guided gratitude journaling, helping users across the world achieve a more peaceful and harmonious state of mind. With the aim to help everybody feel like the most empowered of themselves, Intelligent Change strives to provide products that help you realize your potential and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

What’s inside:

  • Weekly challenge
  • Morning gratitude
  • Prioritizing your day to make it great
  • Daily affirmation
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Daily highlights
  • End of day reflection to grow and improve” – The 5 Minute Journal

Blackwing Pearl Pencils

Do you have a pencil specifically for inventing and drafting up ideas? I have tried many pencils to figure out the right thickness and look for inspiration, and nothing comes close to the Pearl Blackwing Pencils. Look no further, these bougie pencils will actually get you to spend time in the areas you need to spend the most time in – creating. The look and feel of this pencil screams “inventing”, and I never choose any other pencil for writing up my dream products than these.

In fact, Blackwing pencils are the only pencils I trust my dreams with.




Blackwing Long Point Sharpener

Now that you have some pencils, you need to sharpen them with style. This is a two-step sharpener made by and for Blackwings. For those who haven’t used a two-step sharpener before, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Once you get the hang of it, you probably won’t trust any other sharper but these bad boys again.

Pup Lights



I fell in love with these the minute I saw them. I now use them at night when drawing up ideas, and during the day, change the pose each time I sit down at my desk, like my own desk pet! They can also hang on top of your computer screen, and be used as a phone holder! They are pretty impressively moveable, so you can make him sit, lie down, shake, and more, to get the right lighting angle!



Aqua Notes



Have ideas in the shower? This one is a no-brainer, and believe it or not, it works… REALLY WELL! I used it all the time, and recommend it far too often. Comes with a fair amount of pages, and 2 pencils. They all connect through suction cups. Bonus that they are made in America!



Pastel Sticky Notes

You know the drill… Sticky Notes are an inventor’s best friend. Change it up with pastel ones after primary colors are too commonplace. Then change it up again when pastels are used for awhile back to primary colors.

Wide Mouse Pad

Perfect for a larger desk, more freedom with your mouse, using graphic design programs, and avoiding scuffs and marks on your desk!

I would not buy any other mouse pad than these! I’ve been using one for over 4 years and love it!