~ Adventures in Licensing Comic ~

A mini deep dive on serial inventing and things to keep in mind while product licensing!

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In Stephen Key‘s book, One Simple Idea, and of course with our students at inventRight, we talk about sleeping dinosaurs. This is when you go into an industry that hasn’t been innovated in, in a long time, or a product that hasn’t changed for years. It’s an overlooked, old, or otherwise dusty area, and when you find and innovate in those areas, a lot of cash often follows! It’s good to awaken a sleeping dinosaur these days! But in prehistoric times? Not so much…

This one is called The Pitching Talk. For those of my students who have heard my “Pitching Talk”, this one’s for you! Learning how to pitch can be daunting. And it’s not what you think it is. It’s a roller coaster. And it will be for a long time until you find your balance in how the industry works. But oh is it fun. Once you learn the ropes, I have never done anything more invigorating in my life!

When you are ready to pitch… don’t forget the war paint! 🎨

P.S. Did you catch the easter eggs in the comic as a nod to one of my podcast episodes? Or 2? Let me know if you do, and what episodes they are!

When you send a message to a potential licensee, and it is taking them a while to get back to you, do you think that they are showing it to the team or just aren’t interested? I use to as well. But there is a far more common answer to this. Most inventors struggle with this for a while when they hear the answer until you realize… the people you are pitching to… are human! Let’s not over think this!

Check out the comic for the answer!

This is why follow-ups are the name of the game! Does this topic resonate with you?

A few of my amazing students inspired me to make this comic, and one in particular made me take the leap! Thank you!

When was the last time you were frustrated working on something at your desk? Yesterday? Today?

What if I told you that your desk actually has a lot to do with it…

This comic connects to episode 24 of The Serial Inventing Podcast.

This episode goes over a study called The Shower Effect, how your environment shapes what you produce, how to be more creative, and productive, solve your inventing problems faster, and how to stay motivated & inspired!

I placed so much knowledge in this sole comic! Take a look, and let me know in my post on Linkedin in the comments what things you find that make the difference between and inventor and serial inventor!

Which one does your desk look more like?

🍭 BEWARE THE ‘EYE CANDY’ SHOPPE! 🍭 Have you ever taken a step into The ‘Eye Candy’ Shoppe yourself? If you are an inventor, there’s a good chance you have and didn’t even know it – it sure can be mesmerizing! Sadly, it seems like every inventor must step into this Shoppe at some time, and hopefully, you get out of it… but some don’t! Those who can’t get out of it are often because they don’t know they are in it! Awareness is always the first step.

Most go into it RIGHT when they start pitching for the first time…

What am I talking about here?

🍬 Constantly going back to your sell sheet and wanting to change it without having enough feedback to warrant it.

🍭 Working on a new product immediately instead of pitching your current one. You just all of a sudden *lost* interest in your first one. Also known as the ‘next shiny object’ syndrome.

🍬 You don’t see immediate success so you move on to something else that feels flashy and seems easy based on its marketing of a sleek new passive income stream.

Has this ever been you? 🙋‍♀️

Avoid the shiny pretty candies – you know what you need to do if you want to be a serial inventor. Keep your eyes on the prize! If you have to take a bite, better settle for the chocolate at the counter than a pound of pure sugar.

Can anyone guess which candy in the comic was my childhood favorite? Let me know in my post on Linkedin in the comments!

Have you experienced the twists and turns of product licensing? Feeling the ups and downs? Hopefully not making you feel queasy! Welcome to the roller coaster of Product Licensing! Are you onboard?

Pro Tips:
🎢 Put on your seatbelt and pull down the restraint!
🎢 Remember to enjoy the ride! Put your hands up!
🎢 Don’t forget to smile for the camera and get your photo!

This comic was inspired by The Giant Dipper, a beautiful wooden coaster at my local theme park, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

And it’s 100 years old this year! 🤯 Happy Birthday Giant Dipper!
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Thank you for the 100s of memories and for making my childhood a thrill!

I am so into coasters, I have actually been a member of American Coaster Enthusiasts for many years! Essentially, it is a club for roller coaster lovers!

Thank you to my brother, Nicholas, for spreading his passion into one of mine!

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