My name is Courtney Laschkewitsch, and I am a Serial Inventor!

I license my product ideas to companies in many different areas! Seeing my concepts transform from my mind to paper to company to store, is quite an amazing experience. Ever since I was little, inventing has been on my mind, creating a list of 100s of ideas I wanted to bring to market! I thought I would have to start a business with each idea, but alas, I found Licensing! Does this sound like you? Do you come up with lots of ideas too? Have you tried Licensing and now want to become a Serial Inventor? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 💡🙂

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Your adventure begins here:

On my website you will find all things Serial Inventing! My site includes pages on:

⭐ Inventor Resources – Here you will learn about the differences between starting a business (venturing), and licensing your product ideas, as well as lots of other wonderful resources no matter where you’re at! Bonus – check out Inventor Girl, my Lofi Music YouTube Channel for Inventors!

⭐ Inventor’s Products – Enjoy viewing many inventors licensed products, and consider buying some to support them! Learn about popular categories, and their journey!

⭐ An Inventor’s Wishlist – Are you looking for a way to be more efficient in your inventing? Looking for the perfect notebook, best pencils, lighting, or even scouring for a good gift for the inventor in your life? Browse many products that I recommend personally, to up your licensing game!

⭐An Inventor’s Library –If you are looking to start a collection of books that help you achieve your licensing dreams, check out the books on this page!

⭐ StarFlyer Ideas – This is my own product development LLC as an inventor! If you are a company and are looking for ideas, or are curious to see what I have licensed, this is the place to go!

⭐ The Serial Inventing Podcast – This is my podcast specifically on Serial Inventing! I go over a variety of topics to bring you to the next level of inventing & beyond! Only meant for serious listeners who are into serial inventing. Not a great place for beginning inventors to start!

⭐ Adventures in Licensing Comic – Check out this page for a mini deep dive on serial inventing, and things to keep in mind, in my very own comic strip!

⭐ Shop Interested in some Serial Inventing and Make it Happen merch? Go to this page for a selection of my favorites from my shop, or go directly to my Redbubble & Zazzle store to see all of the products.

⭐About Me – The perfect place to learn about my journey! If you are interested in me speaking at an event, this is the place to check out.

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